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Heat Reductive Coatings   enquiry_btn

Acryl-Tech Heat Reductive coatings reflect and prevent heat buildup on roofs, saving energy.
People who live in tropical climates usually wear light-colored or white clothing to help keep themselves cool. They know that light colors reflect heat and sunlight; whereas dark colors absorb heat and light. Buildings are similar to people. If you have a dark-colored roof, your building will be hotter than if it had a light-colored roof.

Cool Roofs are roofs consisting of materials that very effectively reflect the sun's energy from the roof surface. Cool materials for low-slope roofs are mainly bright white in color, although non-white colors are starting to become available for sloped roof applications. Cool Roofs must also have high emissivity, allowing them to emit infrared energy. Unfortunately bare metals and metallic coatings tend to have low emissivity and are not considered cool materials.

Cool roofs reduce the roof surface temperature by up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, thereby reducing the heat transferred into the building below. This helps to reduce energy costs (by keeping attics and ducts cooler), improve occupant comfort, cut maintenance costs and air conditioning replacement costs, increase the life cycle of the roof, and reduce urban heat islands along with associated smog.

Going "Green" with our Heat Reductive Coatings means helping to reduce electric usage during the summer and making your building more comfortable. Our Heat Reduction Coatings help lower interior temperatures of structures such as offices, homes, warehouses, and even on trailers, shipping containers, barns, sheds and a host of other enclosed areas.

There are several ways to deal with heat buildup! One way is to insulate against it, or you can simply spend a lot of extra money by lowering the thermostat and let the air conditioner run wide open. The smart way is to reflect it so it doesn't build up. It's also the least expensive way to prevent heat buildup.

What we present is a range of reflective coatings, some of which are very low density and they not only reflect a great majority of the heat from the sun, but then they slow the transfer of any remaining heat. Our coatings can dramatically help improve employee working conditions in warehouses, trucking terminals, and other commercial locations where roof top temperatures are high.