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Specialty Paint Coatings   enquiry_btn

speciality PaintingsExterior Flat Paint based on Pliolite resins are superior paints to many water based paints mainly used in India for painting Building structures. The composition of  flat Paints are Pliolite resins, Pigments, Titanium Dioxide, Setting Agents, Dispersing Agents, Solvents, Fungicide and Algicide. Concrete structures need protection as they are damaged by various chemicals present in the atmosphere such as carbondioxide, water, Sulphur Dioxide, acid, rain etc., Majority of the concrete structures are protected from these aggressive atmosphere with the help of paints and coatings. Most commonly used paints and coatings in India are water based like cement paints and polymer emulsion based paints and coatings. But  Flat Paints based on Pliolite is water insoluble paint and has following advantages, when compared to water based emulsion polymers:-

A) Excellent adhesion on any type of surface :

For excellent adhesion there is a need of very strong physical bond between the paint film and the substrate. To achieve this the paint resin must penetrate deeply to ensure optimum adhesion to the substrate. The average size of dissolved Pliolite Resin particles is several thousand times smaller than that of emulsion resin particles found in common water based masonry paints. Thus, a pliolite resin based masonry paint will penetrate and adhere to even the most difficult masonry surface.

B) All weather application :
Pliolite based paints are all weather application paints since they are not affected by the climate conditions. 
It means they can be applied at low temperatures (below zero degree centigrade) and at high temperatures at 45 o C. Being insoluble in water Pliolite based paints are shower proof even a few minutes after application. Pliolite based masonry paints can be applied in monsoon period.

C) Breathability for long term performance :
Masonry paints act as a barrier to rain and at the same time allow the release of any moisture coming up from the ground by capillary response. Pliolite resins based masonry paint act like a skin satisfying both criteria. The film does not allow rain water to pass into the wall because the capillaries in the film are much finer than those in the wall. The microporous nature of this excellent paint allows moisture in the wall to pass through the coating without blistering and without efflorescence.

D) Self cleaning :
Masonry paints based on Pliolite resins are formulated in such a way that they “Self Clean”. A few microns of the surface of the paint film are regularly eliminated by rain, removing any retained dirt, leaving an “effective” film thickness bonded to the wall to provide complete long term protection. The “Self Cleaning” function of paint films based on Pliolite resins in unique in combining along term protection of the surface with good colour retention.

E) Easy renovation :
After many years of excellent resistance Pliolite resins based paints can be easily renovated with one or two coats minimum surface preparation.

F) Resistance of fungus / algae :
Unlike water based paint, which contain ingredients that can be contaminated by micro organisms, pliolite based paints are water insolubles and do not contain any ingredients which can sustain micro organisms growth. Pliolite based paints do not contain any nutrients. They have therefore a very good intrinsic resistance to Algae and Fungal attack. Moreover,  Pliolite also contain anti algicide / fungicide additive to give extra protection against fungus and algae growth. 

speciality_paintings2Specifications /  (Flat Paint)
Providing & Applying pliolite based top coat  based on styrene acrylic co. polymers pigments with a blend of aromatic – aliphatic – hydrocarbon solvents with special additives having following characteristics,
Corrosion resistance water resistance / dust repellent algae & fungus resistances / U.V. Resistance / Self life of one year / flash point above 90 deg. F / Paint to be thin with mineral turpentine solvents.
The paint should be applied in two or more coats as required on an undercoat of suitable pliolite based primer  prime on new cement plastered surfaces inclusive of required tools, materials and other painting accessories etc.
The paint is to be applied as per specifications instructions and satisfaction of engineer-in-charge.

Pliolite based on styrene acrylic co polymer pigments with a bled of aromatic / aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents with special additives having following characteristics,
1. Corrosion Resistance.
2. Water resistance.
3. Dust Repellent.
4. Algae & Fungus Resistance.
5. Ultra Violate Resistance.
6. Shelf life of one year.
7. Flash point above 90 Deg. F.
8. Paint should be able to thin with mineral turpentine solvents.

Comparison Chart Of Exterior Wall Finishes



Cement Paints

Sand Texture

Pure Acrylic Paint (Water Based)

 Flat Paint


Chemical base


Thermoplastic Paints

Pure Acrylic

Pliolite Resin


Protection to Surface

Poor due to quick deterioration
of paint film



Very Good


Adhesion to surface



Average large particles of emulsion hence cannot penetrate deeply

Excellent deep penetration possible due to minute particle size of pliolite resins


Self Cleaning Property




A  special property of self-cleaning which removes a new microns of paint film alongwith dirt and grime by a combined action of wind and rain and looks freshly painted all time


Alkali Resistance



Canget saponified by alkali present in the plaster surface and give patch appearance

Exellent Pliolite Resin cannot be sponified and therefore cannot be attached by Alkali




To a limited extent

To a limited extent

Excellent Pliolite resin cannot be sponified and therefore cannot be attached by alkali


Water resistance



Fair water based paints contain water sensitive additives

Superior resistance


Film Thickness 
(In two coats)

40 microns (Approx)

40 Microns (Approx)

40 Microns (Approx)

90-100 Microns (Approx.)



Takes much more time as required curing, cannot applied in inclement weather

Easy no curing cannot be applied in inclement weather

Easy no curing cannot be applied in inclement weather

Easy no curing all weather application, can be applied in inclement weather shower proof within 30 minutes of application


Resistance to mould growth

Poor gets affected by fungus/algae very fast

Average due to special additives

Average due to special additives

It  does not contain any water sensitive ingredient able to sustain micro-organism fungus/algae growth


Covering capacity (in two coats)

25 sq.ft.

40 sq.ft.

40 sq.ft.

40 sq.ft.

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