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Epoxy Coatings & Floorings

  •    • Solvent Free Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating
  •    • Food Grade Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating
  •    • Water Thinnable Epoxy Coating Wall Epoxy Coating
  •    • High Build Epoxy Based Chemical Resistant Coating
  •    • High Build Polyurethane coating
  •    • Self Level Epoxy Topping for 1/2/3 mm thickness.

Typical Applications:-
Floors, walls, chemical storage tanks, effluent treatment tanks, bulk chemical storage tanks, warehouses, indoor car parks, pharmaceuticals, foods, dairies & breweries, show rooms, computer rooms.

Highly Flexible Two Component Waterproof Coating System / Deep penetrative sealer water proofing, High Build Synthetic Rubber-Coal tar Coating, High Build Epoxy Coal tar Coating / High Build Liquid membrane water proofing systems and membrane based water proofing systems.

Typical Applications:-

Roofs, terraces, walls, chajjas, water tanks, sumps, basements, planer boxes, podiums, sunken, toilets, balconies, water retaining structures, sewage plants, cooling towers, New concrete slabs, roofs, sunken slabs, water tanks, balcony, basements and many more.

Deep penetrative sealer water proofing systems:-
Basements Swimming Pools Drinking Water Tanks Columns, Beams, Slabs Roofs, Plastered Walls Roads, Bridges, Bridge Decks, Parking Decks Dams, Reservoirs, Tunnels, Pre-Cast Concrete Structures, PPC Concrete Structures.

Speciality Paint Coatings.
Pliolite based on styrene acrylic co polymer pigments with a blend of aromatic / aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents with special additives.

Typical applications :-
All kinds of  buildings with extreme  weathering conditions and salty climate  conditions.

Heat Reductive Coatings
Cool your Roof and your whole building will be Cooler.
Exerier R.C.C roofs, asbestos, metal roofs, water storage tanks, warehouses, godowns, cold storages.

Industrial floor slabs, exerier pavements, walls and columns, parking garages, Highways and runways, canals and retaining walls, expansion joints and sealing of dynamic structural cracks.

Anti-corrosive & Anti-carbonation Coatings
Priming structural steels, pipes, bridges and barges,coastal areas, water or waste treatment plant, corrosive.

Construction Chemicals
Cleaning agents, mould release agents, caulks & adhesives,water repellants, tile adhesives, cement modifiers, plasticizers, admixtures, accelerators & retarders.