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Sealant are two pack Polysulphide based joint sealant and available in GUN GRADE and POUR GRADE. Sealant gun grade is gun applied non-sag type for vertical joints. And Sealant pour grade is for horizontal movement joints. When two packs are mixed, i.e. Polysulphide resin (Pack-A) with curing agent (Pack-B), it forms tough, flexible, durable rubber like material with strong adhesive property on most building substrates and joints.

ASTM C 920 (G Grade).
BS 5212 (Section Fuel Resistance) P Grade.
BS 4254.
Din 18540 & US Federal Specification TTS-00227 E Class A.

Sealant is used to form long lasting weather resistant and waterproof seals in joints subject to regular movement or permanent deformation. Gun grade is exclusively used in water retaining structure, under passes, tunnels, basements, pre-cast concrete elements, bridges etc. Pouring Grade is used in runways, subways and rigid pavements or in horizontal movement joints.

• Long lasting elasticity.
• High movement capability.
• Excellent adhesion to many substances.
• Good AFT fuel and chemical resistance.
• No sag with Gun Grade.
• Easy to pour on horizontal joints with Pour Grade.

Application data:
Floor concreting
all surfaces must be clean, dry and free from any loose particles, grease or oils. Correct joint design should be followed. To use economical quantity of Sealant, Width: Depth ratio should be maintained at 2:1. Where joints have been treated with fibre filler board, they should be raked back to the required depth and then compressible solid pipe or polyurethane foam of diameter matching joint width as back filler should be used and a bond breaker tape be placed (No three side bonding). Use Sealant, Primer on both inside surfaces of the joints. Edges may be covered with masking tape.

Joint Design
Minimum joint depth: 8 mm.
Maximum joint width: 40mm.
Width to Depth ratio up to 10mm: 1: 1.
For 10mm to 40mm Width, Width: Depth ratio 2:1.

both packs of Polysulphide (larger quantity) and curing agent (smaller quantity), are pre-measured. NO PART MIXING IS ALLOWED. Use larger pack and smaller pack at 92.8 by wt. Use paddle type mixer (low speed drilling machine) for mixing both the pack to a smooth uniform consistency. Mixing time is normally around 8 to 10 minutes. Place the uniformly mixed sealant into the joints by tapping. Tool off to as lightly concave profile with a spatula. Remove masking tape from the edges.


Appearance, Base, Pack – AWhite Paste
Hardener, Pack - B Black Paste
Mixing Ratio, Base: Hardener 92:8
Pot Life, 30°C 3-5 hours
Full Cure at 30°C 7 days
Density of Mixed Material 1.55± 0.02
Service temperature Up to 80°C
Hardness, Shore – A 20-25
Movement Capacity ± 25%
Shrinkage 0.5% max.
Chemical Resistance Dilute acids and Alkalis, ATF, Kerosene, Diesel, Lube Oil, White spirit, etc.